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Lurk Gallery 04

  1. 3am
  2. World´s most beautiful bathroom
  3. Two border guards, one Pakistani and the other Chinese, at Khunjerab Pass.
  4. Twisting my melon man
  5. The Shadow
  6. The Pea Car
  7. Street art in London, SE22
  8. Stephen Colbert in 2006
  9. Sounds about right
  10. Someone is going around Dublin and stapling clothes to scantily-clad Rihanna
  11. She's quite flexible
  12. Relative minutes...
  13. Put a mirror on the stairs, scare the crap out of everyone
  14. Pussycar_automodule
  15. Paris
  16. Our dark knight
  17. Note found in a product from China
  18. Never seen anything quite like this before. Taken in Nebraska
  19. My workplace is an equal opportunity employe
  20. My friend decided to join the mirror selfie craze.  I think he got it right.
  21. It makes the bathroom fun!
  22. He's back to his stalking ways
  23. Head down to Dicks
  24. Google and I took pictures of each other at the same time.
  25. Every time!
  26. Don't talk to the kids, they know things
  27. Dog vs beanbag
  28. Do you want to talk
  29. Casual racism at it's finest
  30. Anyone else want to help me send some laughs to the NSA for spying on us


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