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Superheroes Get The Pollock Treatment


Melissa Smith is a 21 year old graphic artist and fangirl. She has brought life to some of the most popular Superhero’s and villains. Her Pollock like splatter on canvas creates some amazing, graphically bold art. You can see the likes of Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man and lots more. Enjoy!   Melissa Smith is a 21 year old photographer and ... Read More »

The Story Of Vaseline.

A tub of Vaseline

R0bert Peary took it to the North Pole. There’s a song in its honor. It makes smiles sparkle. It’s used to coat the feet of vending machines to keep pests out. It controls unruly hair. People put it on chickens to prevent frostbite. It protects baby’s bottoms, and is invaluable to virgins. A tycoon swore eating a spoonful a day ... Read More »

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