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Your invaluable guide to being a proper Man!

Alright you lily livered pathetic excuses for males, time to man up and get this right. Learn the lessons in this gallery and leave that whining little boy behind! Got it!

  1. What about the full Windosr
  2. Web touch is vital
  3. Watch that back
  4. Stop snivelling and do it!
  5. Spring Summer
  6. Pure Style
  7. Perfectioin
  8. Optional Pinch
  9. Not a very manly car!
  10. No real man does this
  11. It wont be your car
  12. I wanna see my face in em
  13. Get it right
  14. Even more perfection
  15. Er thats only the sheet
  16. Easy Rider for me
  17. Dopp Kit
  18. Dont forget the leotard
  19. Do not leave home without one women are always crying
  20. Buttons Rule
  21. But don't look at your hands
  22. Be thorough
  23. Awesomness
  24. And Push
  25. 1 2 3 check


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